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Six Month Smiles – What is it?


Difference in metal brackets and clear brackets

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary clear braces system which allows straightening of teeth in about 6 months’ time.  Six Month Smiles uses a crystal clear bracket that is attached to the tooth as well as an esthetically pleasing tooth-colored wire to move teeth predictably and gently.

Currently, there are many systems out there now that can move teeth into a much more desirable position from an esthetics standpoint. Traditional orthodontics is one method.  This involves the use of metal brackets with a metal wire.  Another popular method of straightening teeth is called Clear Correct or Invisalign, which involves the use of clear retainers to gently move the teeth into a more suitable position.  Lets talk about the differences between all of these systems.

6 Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces – What’s the difference?

Traditional orthodontics uses a metal wire and metal brackets to attach to the teeth.  Treatment times generally last 2 years.  When we talk about systems like Clear Correct or Invisalign, we are referring to a type of system that uses clear, invisible retainers to move teeth.  Every 2 – 3 weeks a patient changes trays to continue the movements to get the teeth into their most optimum position.  Six Month Smiles is still a traditional bracket similar to what orthodontists use, except Six Month Smiles brackets are crystal clear.  Also a white, tooth-colored wire is used to encourage movements to get the teeth into their correct positions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of All Tooth Correction Systems Including Six Month Smiles

The advantages to traditional braces, where you see an orthodontist, is that it is “comprehensive” orthodontic treatment.  This is why normally Six Month Smiles is not recommended for children 18 years and under.  It is the general consensus of most dentists that we treat children idealistically versus realistically.  Comprehensive orthodontics is definitely the way to go for children under 18.  Typical treatment times for comprehensive orthodontics is 2 years.  Disadvantages for an adult would be the time in braces, and also cost.  The local average for a typical orthodontic office in O’fallon, Missouri ranges from $5,500 to $7,000.

The advantages to clear aligner systems like Invisalign and Clear Correct is the quality of being barely noticeable.  The clear retainers are very thin but yet strong enough to move teeth.  For the aesthetically-conscious patient,  this is a great choice.  Disadvantages include cost and also time.  Typically with these types of systems the dentist has to incorporate a laboratory fee charged by the company to be able to use this service and that fee is thus passed on to the patient.  Also in my experience with both systems, tooth movement does not happen as quickly as a system that has a bracket and wire that attaches to the tooth.  Movement with an invisible tray or retainer happens usually within the first day or two of wear,  then the patient must wait until the next tray is delivered in the next two to three weeks to advance movement further.   These types of systems, however, do have their place for the patient that absolutely does not want wires and brackets.

Six Month Smiles – Cosmetic Braces That Fit a Great Niche

Ofallon Missouri Dentist Providing Six Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles Patient Wearing Clear Braces

Six Month Smiles is the perfect answer for those that want a great smile in less time with less cost. 

Right now you are probably wondering how can it happen so fast.  It is the basis of the system.  Six Month Smiles is not comprehensive orthodontics.  It is, however, cosmetic braces.  With this type of system we are concerned mostly with crowding, spacing, and misalignment of the front teeth, top and bottom.  Cosmetic braces only address those issues, and for the most part adult treatment can be easily completed in 6 months’ time.  By finishing cases in approximately six months, the time “in the chair” is less.  This is why cosmetic braces can cost significantly less than traditional orthodontics.


6 Month Smiles – A Great Advancement in Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

One final benefit to 6 Month Smiles is… No Drilling.  Many patients are hesitant to have cosmetic dental work done because they do not want to have healthy tooth structure removed for veneers and crowns.  Although this is definitely one way to achieve a wonderful smile, it is no longer the only way.  With this cosmetic braces system,  patients that have good, healthy teeth already can have a conservative, low-cost way to have straight teeth with no tooth structure loss.  In summary,  there are many wonderful ways to straighten teeth – whether it is comprehensive braces, clear retainer braces, or Six Month Smiles.  Ask your dentist today if Six Month Smiles would be a lower cost, fast alternative to straight teeth.

Dr. Dejtiranukul is a practicing Dentist in O’fallon, MIssouri at Monticello Dental