Well how do you know if you’ve chosen a good dentist?

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If you’ve just relocated or are just switching dentists due to insurance reasons,  how do you go about choosing a new dentist?  Let’s face it.  This can be a difficult task!  If you live in an area that is more suburban than rural you may have a multitude of dentists to pick from.  But where to start?  

Use Technology to Find a New Dentist!

Our world today is quite different from the past.  Kids aren’t asking for a dump truck or dolls anymore,  it’s all about electronics.  Cell phones by the age of  9 and Itouch and Ipads at 2 -3 years old.  It’s really amazing how fast technology moves today.   In the past, dentists used to rely on word-of-mouth to spread the word that “Hey, this really is a good dental office…”. Or, you would receive flyers in the mail about all the dental offices in the area and the services they provide.

With the rise of the internet and social media,  people search for hair salons and restaurants by looking at their Facebook fan pages, following their tweets, and reading reviews.  Finding a dentist through these avenues is no different.   Chances are if the reviews for “Jimmy’s Hamburgers” is a 2 out of 5, there’s a high chance that you are not going to visit that establishment.  Simple as that! People want to know before they go.

Check with the State

Dentists are licensed in each state to be able to practice dentistry.   It’s a great idea to check the dentist in question to see if there ever has been any violations or suspensions against the dentist.

A Good Dentist has Low Turnover

When you’re in for your exam, talk to the employees.  Ask them how long they have been there.  Low turnover can indicate stability in a dental office.   If you are seeing happy staff members that seem to have a good relationship with one another as well as the dentist,  stick around. You are probably in a good place.  In our dental office,  all of my patients see familiar faces.  That’s because almost all of my staff have been with me for a decade.

Dental Office is Clean

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and it is dirty?  Or walked into the restroom and it is filthy?  Quality establishments have a standard to keep.   Cleanliness is an understanding in all aspects of a business that shows they care about their appearance and how they are regarded by their customers.  This also applies to dental offices as well.

The Doctor or Team Member Calls You to See How You are Doing

When a patient comes in to the office with a dental emergency or pain and the problem is resolved,   caring dental offices will call just to check up on you.  That’s wonderful!  A follow up call or message takes a minute, and it shows that the dentist and team have a vested interested in the patient’s oral health and comfort.

Wow! this post got long…  tune in next time for the continuation of this post!

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