Your dentist is a great source to go to when you need advise about your dental health, but did you know there are also other great resources online – and most is offered for free! There is a vast variety of information online, so visiting websites that have trusted information is key to getting the most accurate information out there. Many states have dental societies that offer accurate patient information on a number to topics. For example, in Missouri, the Greater St. Louis Dental Society offers a FAQ page that helps to answer questions like is it safe to go to the dentist if a patient is pregnant, how often should patients see the dentist, what to do if a tooth is knocked out, and what to do about a toothache. The American Dental Association, a nationwide association, offers adult patient resources through and fun, interactive kid resources through Other reliable resources can be found through your dental insurance provider. Delta Dental is currently offering a free e-magazine, Grin, that can be found through their main website. And online teacher resources, like E-Learning for Kids, offer online teeth lessons for little ones. No matter the information you are seeking, you can usually find it online, but be sure you are getting your information from trusted sources, and if all else fails, call your dental provider to schedule an appointment to discuss questions and concerns you may have.