Dental Implants in O’Fallon, MO

Advantages of Dental Implants.  1. The best form of tooth replacement possible.  2.  preserves the jawbone in the area of tooth loss. 3. Conserves the adjacent teeth as they do not need to be reduced to replace the missing teeth.  4.  can be used to replace multiple missing teeth or a span of missing teeth.  5.  can be used to permanently attach a denture (one that is only removed by a dentist for routine maintenance) 6. can add staying power to a denture that comes in and out.  5.  has the potential to last the rest of ones life.

Dr Dejti is an Implant Dentist in O’Fallon, MO.  In the past, replacement of missing teeth lost from gum disease, severe decay, or accident was accomplished primarily with bridges or partial dentures.  A dental bridge is a permanent fixed replacement for single or multiple missing teeth.  Dental bridges usually involve grinding down the teeth that are adjacent to space where the missing tooth is.  Then the bridge is cemented into place permanently.  As will any replacement modality inside the mouth,  care is very important.  A patient would have to be instructed on how to keep their new fixed replacement clean.

The second solution for replacing missing teeth involves a partial denture.  A partial denture is just that. It replaces a partial dentition meaning a few teeth in comparison to a full denture which involves all the teeth.  A partial denture is made of a metal framework with acrylic teeth bonded to its structure.  This tooth replacement option is a cost effective option for tooth replacement especially when multiple teeth are missing.  Partial dentures are removable from the mouth and must be diligently cleaned and maintained.

Dental Implants are now regarded as the best form of tooth replacement since these two past options.  Dental Implants  serve a variety of purposes.  They can be used to replace single teeth, or multiple teeth.  When referring to replacement of multiple teeth,  Dental implants can be used to span a bridge to replace multiple teeth with less dental implants,  or the doctor may choose to replace one tooth with one dental implant.

Many full denture patients who grow weary of ongoing battles of ill fitting dentures, creams, adhesives, and cleaning agents turn to implant dentists in O’Fallon, Missouri  for solutions.  Lower dentures are infamous for being loose and ill-fitting.  In a situation like this dental implants can be placed in the jaw with a procedure called the All-On-Four technique which involves placing 4 dental implants to support a denture permanently.  This denture in turn is only removed by a dentist for check up and cleaning purposes.

Another option for denture wearers who do not want to have a permanently attached denture can have a special kind of denture called an overdenture.  In this type of set-up  two to four dental implants are placed in the jaw and special connectors are used to “snap” the denture in place.  Compared to a traditional denture,  this denture possesses enhanced staying power, and allows patients chew and bite with more force and more confidence.

As with any dental implant restorative choice, whether it is a single tooth or an entire denture,  a patient’s home care and maintenance are paramount.  Dr Dejti is an implant dentist in O’Fallon, MO.  With the rise in the popularity of dental implants and success with dental implants,  this treatment choice remains one of the best forms of treatment with regards to tooth replacement.  If you are looking for Dental Implants in O’Fallon, MO, please call us today for a consultation to enhance your smile!